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Why ambassadors have chosen to support us

Sport affects people in different ways. We want to be able to offer people positive experiences through sport and physical activity with the help of sports people from around the country.

Our ambassadors are involved in the work of Active Fusion in a variety of ways, from social media support to visiting children and young people at our physical activity events, sharing their stories of sporting inspiration.

“I used to be a very shy person. Taking part in taekwondo helped me to come out of my shell and find confidence and self-belief that hadn’t previously been there. Sport isn’t only about physical capability – it’s all about the skills being physically active and taking up sport can bring out in young people. A lot of the skills you need to be successful in life are required to be successful in sport, such as communication, dedication, commitment and hard work. I can see that bringing out these skills through sport are part and parcel of Active Fusion’s ethos and that’s something I wanted to be a part of.”

– Sarah Stevenson MBE

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“I wasn’t the most academic in school and didn’t always apply myself as much as I should have. I faced a lot of challenges – it wasn’t easy being a gymnast and attending an all-boys school, and I was even told that I wasn’t strong or talented enough to be successful. Despite all that, I persevered and eventually achieved a lifelong dream of competing at the Olympics. Not applying myself as much as I should at school has had implications in other parts of my life. When I meet young people now, I always tell them to apply themselves. It doesn’t matter if you’re not the best – as long as you work hard, you’ll achieve things. I support Active Fusion because I believe my journey is reflected in the work they do.”

– Craig Heap

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Active Fusion is empowering children with the knowledge to lead an active and healthy life from an early age helping them embed positive lifestyle habits that will ultimately improve all  aspects of their well-being now and in the future. I am incredibly proud to be an ambassador of this life changing charity. Active Fusion encapsulates everything that I believe we should be teaching our future generations about the importance of physical activity and the joy that comes from being healthy, active and resilient.

– Greig Trout

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Inspire the next generation today. Become an ambassador for physical and mental well-being now.

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