Fusion Leaders

Leading the way

Fusion Leaders is a training programme for children and young people 7-16 to deliver physical activities in and out of school. The programme focuses on developing skills in leadership, communication, confidence and resilience.

The Fusion Leaders programme provides progression pathways from Mini Leaders at Key Stage 1, to Fusion Leaders from Key Stage 2. Young people completing Fusion Leader training are given opportunities to volunteer and undertake leadership roles at events in school and locally, culminating in an annual invitation to support our Fusion Festival.

Playground Leaders

Mini Leaders (KS1) and Fusion Leaders (KS2) are our primary schools-based leadership programmes. These programmes help children to learn key skills such as problem-solving, teamwork and communication.

The children then apply the skills they have learnt to run games and activities during break and lunchtimes within their schools. We also provide training for lunchtime supervisors to help them recruit, retain and sustain the programme in their school.

Sports Leaders

Active Fusion delivers accredited Sports Leadership level 1, 2, 3, Dance Leaders and inclusive ‘I Can Lead’ courses in Secondary Schools. The Sports Leaders programme helps young people to develop their leadership skills while helping themselves and others to stay physically active.

Young people plan, lead and evaluate sports sessions over a number of tutored hours and demonstrate their leadership skills as part of their course assessment and volunteering hours.

The children have absolutely love organising the games. The smaller kids look up to the older ones and it is teaching them about social interaction.

Lisa Arthur, lunchtime supervisor at Arksey Primary School

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