10 More Years Appeal

This April, we launched our latest appeal, 10 More Years, a 10-week campaign to raise awareness and funding to help deliver on our charity promise to children.

Active Fusion’s target was to raise £10,000 in 10 weeks, reaching 10,000 views of the 10 More Years campaign film to raise awareness of the issues faced by our most vulnerable children and young people.

Although the campaign concluded on the 31st of August 2023, you can still support Active Fusion by liking and sharing the film and/or donating to our charity.


Our Why

Too many children and young people, specifically those living in poverty, do not get access to the required hours of physical activity essential to a healthy childhood.

With a reduction in funding, time in education and lack of free provision in communities amplified by the cost-of-living crisis, this situation is exacerbated, leaving many children in situations of physical and mental ill health.

Today, you are part of the first generation in many generations where your own children here in South Yorkshire will have a shorter life expectancy than yourselves. For those living in poverty, the gap is on average closer to 10 years in comparison to the life expectancy of their more affluent peers.

As a charity, Active Fusion use the power of sport and physical activity to lobby for change and equity for all children to be active. Our charity first mission sets out a promise to address this tsunami of inequality, with The Fusion Movement Campaign fully focused on doing exactly that.

Essentially, we are asking for your collective support in making as much noise about this as we can.

The 10 for 10 More Years challenge kicked off on Friday 21 April.

The challenge can be anything you like – as long as it has the number 10 in it! All you need to do is dream up an activity, donate or fundraise with us, and smash your challenge, starting as soon as you like. You have 10 weeks to get involved.

Can you take on one of our 10 More Years Challenges? Here are just 10 ideas how you, your school, community or business can get involved.

Launching the Appeal

Kicking off our campaign was the amazing Becky Rose who ran 10K per day for 10 consecutive days! She pledged to keep taking the #10for10moreyears challenge as long as people join in with the 10 More Years Campaign.

You can find out more about Becky’s success here.



Engaging your community

1. Host a 10-hour danceathon disco – where groups of 10 dance for 10 minutes keeping the dance floor alive for the whole 600 minutes, that’s 10 times the recommended amount of physical activity for a child per day!


2. Take the £10 enterprise challenge – get your students thinking of their most creative ideas. Loan each group £10 and challenge the to grow that £10 over 10 days or more in any enterprising way they can. Keep the £10 seed fund and donate the rest to us!


3. Organise a walk, run or wheel event – where participants (parents, carers, teachers and students) all walk 10 minutes a day for 10 days, 10K or 10-mile distances to take the challenge.

Supporting as a business

4. Pledge to walk up and down the stairs – take the stairs at work 10 times a day for the whole 10 weeks. That’s a lot of stairs if you are at based at Doncaster College!

5. Take the 10 for 10 Fusion Fit Challenge – do 100 squats, burpees or sit-ups a day (or an exercise rep of your choice) for 10 days or more and get toned in 10 whilst raising awareness of the 10 More Years campaign.

6. Have a Bake-Off sale – host a coffee and cake morning once a week for 10 weeks because who doesn’t love cake? Split your sponge into 10 slices and charge £1 per slice.

Challenging yourself

7. Pledge to do 10K or 60 minutes of exercise – run, walk or wheel 10K for 10 days or more in the gym, during lunchtime with colleagues or at home in your community.

8. Take the 100 Fusion Fit Challenge – do 100 squats, burpees or sit-ups a day (or an exercise rep of your choice) for 10 days or more and get toned in 10 whilst raising awareness.

9. Do a 10-hour esports gaming challenge – invite friends and family to join in and set your target to support the campaign.

10. Or you can simply donate £10 to the campaign – sharing the film and inviting 10 of your friends, colleagues and family members to do the same.

Poster Competition

As part of the 10 More Years campaign, we held a colouring competition for children ages 4-12 challenging them to get creative with our mascot colouring sheets and tell us what they would do if Active Fusion could give them 10 more years!

Take a look at our fantastic winners!

Download The Sheets Below

Fundraise for us today

Active Fusion aims to raise funds to support children and young people most in need of our support. Every £25 raised helps us to provide 60-minutes vital physical activity on a 1:1 or 1 to many coaching and mentoring basis.

By choosing to support Active Fusion, you are helping children and young people across south Yorkshire to thrive not just survive cost of living crisis. The money you raise will make sure these children and young people are safe, happy and healthy, so they too can ‘Be the best they can be’ for life!

Together we can make a difference!

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