Fusion Streets

Taking sport to the streets


As part of Active Fusions’ commitment to get young people active, the charity aims to provide its activities in a safe, comfortable and familiar local environment. By connecting young people to their communities, and providing them with inspiring opportunities, Fusion Streets works to tackle the dual issues of boredom and disconnection – the leading causes of gang related activity and anti-social behaviour.

Our highly-qualified coaches and volunteers provide not only expertise but living proof of the transformational power of sport – redirecting idle energy and empowering disadvantaged young people.

Together with our community and youth partners, including Police & Crime Commissioner networks locally, the charity plays an important role in shifting attitudes and taking non-traditional approaches through this work.

Positive Activities

Fusion Streets is aimed at engaging young people 10 -17  in a range of positive activities that both prevent and deter them from becoming involved in youth crime, gang activity and/or entering the youth justice system.

The  initiative has been devised to raise aspirations and create local role models by upskilling local young people to develop pro-social behaviours through sports leadership.

Working with young people one to one and in groups, activities explore social and emotional wellbeing through participation in sport and physical education activity.

Targeting Support

With support from funders and donors we are able to work with disadvantaged communities across South Yorkshire, where numbers of young people at risk remain high.

Specialist coaching staff will work in each community for up to 16 weeks. Workshops will offer a physical outlet through sport and an educational outlet through the I can Lead Award framework.

Young people experience the benefits of engaging in hands on learning to redirect behaviours and explore possible pathways into employment within the community, sport and physical activity sector.

To get involved

For more information on the Fusion Streets programme please contact:

Josh Bateman, Community Sport & Health Officer

joshb@activefusion.org.uk / 01302 637276