Over the years, Active Fusion has been fortunate to be nominated and shortlisted for a variety of awards and honours locally, regionally and nationally. These accolades help us not only to measure the organisation’s success but to continue moving in the right direction. Take a look at some of our achievements so far!

Most Recent Awards

Doncaster Business Awards 2022 – Business Engaging with Education 

This award is made in recognition of organisations working in partnership with schools to support young people to raise their career aspirations.

As a charity, we fight hard to deliver change for the children and young people most in need. With such awards, we are able to raise our profile, reach more individuals and have a greater impact on young lives.

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Previous Awards


Doncaster Business Awards:  

Winner – Business Engaging with Education

Runner-up – Marketing Campaign of the Year

Runner-up – Charity of the Year


Doncaster Business Awards:  

Winner – Charity of the Year

Winner – Third Sector Organisation of the Year

Runner-up – Business Engaging with Education  


Doncaster Business Awards:  

Winner – Business Engaging with Education                   

Finalist – Third Sector organisation of the Year


Weston Charity Awards:



Doncaster Business Awards:  

Runner-upThird Sector Organisation of the Year 

Finalist Business and Education Partnership of the Year