Fusion Transition

Helping young people bridge the gap between education and employment


Fusion Transition is a 12-week course which offers personal and professional skills development through using the power of sport and physical activity to young people aged 15-19. The goal is to help improve young people’s aspirations for the future. The program will seek to improve their physical health and well-being and increase their chances of moving into a secure destination of further education, training or employment. 

How does it work?

Young people will be matched with a local AF Mentor who will use sport and physical activity to raise their confidence and self-esteem.  This will be delivered using a blend of weekly 1:1 sessions and group activity sessions which will be combined with working through an employability skills matrix to equip them with the essential life skills and wider employability skills to help them successfully transition after the programme.  

What do the sessions include?

Each session will be tailored to the characteristics and experiences of each young person referred to the project. This will provide a greater understanding of their holistic needs and how they impact their engagement and progress throughout the project.

To get involved

For more information on the Fusion Transition programme please contact:


tea@activefusion.org.uk / 01302 637276