Girls Football in School

Working in together with The FA Girls’ Football School Partnerships, our aim is to grow the women’s and girls’ football workforce in schools to sustain the growth of participation levels from an early age.

Focused on making the game more inclusive for all, the goal is to increase the number of BAME, SEND and girls from low income families who are participating and enjoying football whilst at school. The FA Girls’ Football School Partnerships aims to generate greater collaboration with local football and education providers to create a clear, coherent pathway for girls at a local level to grow and develop in and through football.

The Football Association, supported by Barclays and in partnership with the Youth Sport Trust, have a vision to give every girl equal access to football in school by 2024.

The focus is to help girls become more physically active with improved well-being, increased physical literacy of five to eight year-olds and help all girls develop the confidence and competence to play football at school and in a community setting.

As a school you can become part of the Girls Football Schools Partnership for free by signing up to the project website here.

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Achieving success

The partnership programme is focused on five areas:

  • More girls being physically active with improved wellbeing
  • Embedding girls’ football in secondary schools
  • The growth in the women’s and girls’ football workforce
  • Making the game more inclusive for all
  • Collaboration with existing local football providers.

There are two main delivery programmes which schools can get involved with.

Primary Shooting Stars

The FA Shooting Stars Active Play Through Storytelling programme inspired by Disney has been developed to support girls aged 5-8 in developing their physical literacy, speaking and listening skills through creative play and storytelling.

Secondary School – Game of Our Own

Using football as the vehicle, Game of Our Own is a programme to support secondary school teachers to explore how to engage girls in curriculum PE through an innovative life skills approach. The programme also has a leadership element designed to recruit and support girls to deliver peer led activity. Girls are supported to design extra-curricular football opportunities to other girls in the school, as well as access digital resources and tools to develop their skills.

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