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Through the Girls Football School Partnership your primary school can access FREE CDP, resources and support to help engage girls in football. As the lead for the Girls’ Schools Football partnership in Doncaster we are here to support your school to deliver equal opportunities for all students 

Working with the Youth Sports Trust and The FA we have the resources to help upskill your teachers knowledge of football, improve confidence in teaching football and use new creative ideas to help deliver fun and engaging lessons using Disney characters and stories.

You can learn more about the Active Play Through Storytelling (Designed for 5-8 year olds) and Girls’ Football Clubs (After School Club Provision)

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Who is the training for? 

The training is designed to support all school staff not just PE leads. You can invite any teacher, NQT, support staff such as lunchtime supervisors, teaching assistants or an apprentice to train and become your school deliverer! You do not have a maximum number of staff how can be trained on through the programme! 

What does the training involve? 

Complete 3 x Live Virtual Training Modules (approx. 6 hours) 

There are various times and dates available you to choose from! 

From, January there will a ‘On Demand’ training option so you can learn when it suits your timetable! 

The training is all FREE!  

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What will my school receive on completion of the course? 

Disney resources, teacher guides and posters to help support the delivery of the project and further enhance the pupils learning. Each year the character stories change which mean more resources to help sustain the project and maximise impact! 

SEND Resources 

There is also an adapted SEND Shooting Stars resource which you school can access. Using the Marvel characters the resources are designed to help engage pupils with SEND in physical education and football. 

Already Part of the Project or Delivering Equal Access? 

If your school is already providing equal access for girls to play football, we would love to know how we can further support their opportunities! We can help arrange matches, provide a local intra/inter tournament, create a community school club link or invite you to our summer Girls Football festivals.

Please contact Luke if you would like to share ideas or register your interest in wider opportunities ( 

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