Our Charity

As a charity we believe sport has a critical part to play in addressing the issues faced by those living in the poorest communities.

Children and young people in South Yorkshire and across the UK, specifically those growing up in disadvantaged communities, face diminishing levels of mental and physical health. Physical activity is proven to enhance fitness levels and improve mental well-being, however, young people in our region are simply not achieving the recommended amount of daily physical activity.

As a charity, we exist to make the case for sport and physical activity in making a difference to young lives. To do this we deliver high-quality sport and physical activities direct to children and young people. We provide critical support in their education, help them lead change in their communities and find their future pathway into the world of work.

Positive experiences

Children and young people are much more likely to continue exercise and develop healthy habits as adults if they have a positive experience of physical activity in childhood.

Our mission to help children develop a love for physical activity, unlock their potential and be the best they can be underpins all of the work we do.

With the generous support of our donors and funders, we ensure sport and physical activities are accessible to all children and young people. It simply wouldn’t be possible without the support we receive.

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