Unified Leaders

Unified Leaders is a sports leadership programme, funded by Doncaster City Council, to develop the essential life skills, employability and physical wellbeing of young people with SEND through physical activity. 

The inclusive training programme allows Active Fusion to work with young people aged 15 -18 to become sports leaders and positive role models for their peers in and out of school. Young Leaders works to develop skills and knowledge in how to increase physical activity levels to improve the health and well-being, not only in their own lives but in the lives of others.

Unified Leaders at Doncaster School for the Deaf

I Can Lead

Annually, Active Fusion work with up to 50 young people to undertake the ‘I Can Lead’ award. Working with our inclusion coaching and mentoring team, they complete a core 12 week programme of physical activity and leadership training.

Delivered in Special School settings, the project aims to create a network of young Unified Sports Leaders. Young people are supported to build on their training to undertake volunteering hours by assisting in the leadership of sessions in their schools and in local communities. 

Unified Festival of Sport

Each year the Young Leaders organise and deliver a Unified Festival of Sport for their peers, enabling them to implement the skills they learnt through the programme of training.

At the events, young people, parents and peers come together to celebrate their achievements by participating in physical activities led by the Unified Leaders network.

Pathways into further education, training and employment

The Unified Leaders training focuses on developing leadership and employability skills, including critical life skills such as communication and team work. Working with the specialist Active Fusion coaching and mentoring team, they co-deliver activity to build their confidence and capabilities to lead independently.

To test their skills in real world experiences Young Leaders are invited to volunteer and coach alongside our team through our Fusion Communities programme. By providing these experiences we hope to give them the best possible chance to gain employment or progress into further training opportunities post-education.

Active Fusion continues to work with local partners to encourage more providers to offer their own inclusive provision and provide progression routes for young people.

To find out the impact of the Unified Leaders project on young people take a look at some stories from our young leaders below.

I have enjoyed leading activities and helping my friends achieve great things!

Jake’s story


My communication, organisation and problem-solving skills have all improved because of Unified Leaders.

Connor’s story


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