Friends of Active Fusion

Friends of Active Fusion

You may already be a friend of Active Fusion by previous involvement or perhaps you have not been introduced to us before. Either way we would like to invite you formally to join us as a ‘Friend of Active Fusion’ Member.

Without the support of Friends of Active Fusion we would not survive as a charity. We need friends to support us, to be the ‘Active’ in Active Fusion’s campaign for change and for the vital importance of physical activity and sport in children and young people’s lives.

Why become a Friend of Active Fusion

By becoming a Friend of Active Fusion from just £5.00 per month we know you stand with us as a charity to ensure children and young people get access to the support we need. And importantly we will receive a small financial contribution to our overheads so we can continue our work and ambition to reach all children most in need by 2030.

Be our voice

In addition to a regular donation, our Friends of Active Fusion are also invited to play a key part in raising awareness of the work we are doing. This may be simply sharing our posts on social media, organising a fundraising event, writing a blog for our newsletter or volunteering to support our cause across the year.

Together with your support your actions and your support will help us make a real difference to the health and wellbeing of a generation of children and young people.

Help us make the case for sport and physical activity in young lives.

Become a Friend of Active Fusion today!