#MyWhy – Daniel Tinnion

Welcome to the fourth instalment of #MyWhy, a new way for you to understand the reason why members of the Active Fusion team are… driven to succeed! 

Each day, we will bring you a new member of staff who wants to share their “˜why’ with you, in the hope of bringing us all a little closer together.  

Now, sit back and discover why we care about physical activity and education. 

First Lindsy, then Jonny and Sarah, now it’s Daniel Tinnion who wants to share his #why with you. Daniel is a senior coach/sports development officer and believes a drive comes from valuable experiences both positive and negative. What is his #why? 

Courtesy of Daniel: 

“All my life I have been passionate about sport and I have had many negative and positive experiences in sport, both just as valuable as each other.  

I guess, what it really means to me, is I just want to spread some positivity onto young people and share my experiences with them to why they themselves may be having a bad day. I’m driven to show them that it does not stay bad forever.


I have met many friends through sport and together, as a community, I can hopefully ensure they have a positive start in life too.  

By working in sport and building my own experience and confidence, I can see how sport can be used a tool to help others. This is why I am so driven about what we do here at Active Fusion and see that shine on others in the workplace.“ 

Swing by tomorrow for the last #MyWhy.