#MyWhy – Jonathan Allan

Welcome back to #MyWhy, a new way for you to understand the reason why Active Fusion is… committed! 

Each day, we will bring you a new member of staff who wants to share their “˜why’ with you, in the hope of bringing us a little closer together.  

Now, sit back and discover why we care about physical activity and education. 

You’ve heard from Lindsy, now it’s time to move on to Jonathan Allan, who heads up the operational arm of Active Fusion.

Jonathan has shared a love for sport since he could stand, taking a lot of lessons learnt from sport into the working world with him.

Courtesy of Jonathan:  

Sport has connected me to people who have become friends for life, it has enhanced my education and become my career.  

From a very young age, it has helped me to mature, deal with winning and losing, meet new people, visit new places and increase my confidenceIt has taught me about being a leader and has given me a sense of belonging. 

It has always been about competing but having fun doing so, I love playing sportI always have and I probably appreciate it even more now I am in my forties as it helps me to unwind and relax away from the pressures of work and family life. 

It keeps me young! 

I think the best thing about sport is that whatever level you find yourself at and whatever discipline you take part in, you can always challenge yourself.  

“Just as importantly, I love being able to provide opportunities for other people to experience what I have through sport.“ 

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