#MyWhy – Lindsy James

Welcome to #MyWhy, a new way for you to understand the reason why Active Fusion is… active! 

Each day, we will bring you a new member of staff who wants to share their “˜why’ with you, in the hope of bringing us all a little closer together.  

Now, sit back and discover why we care about physical activity and education. 

It seems fitting to start with Lindsy James, Director of Active Fusionwho has faced her fair share of ups and down within the sporting community. Her story has inspired many, but what is her #why? 

Courtesy of Lindsy herself:  

“I truly believe sport and physical activity can change a person’s life.   

“Throughout my life, the purpose of sport and physical activity has changed through various different life stages: 

“When I was a child, I developed a love for sport for the sole purpose to have fun. Entering my teenage years, sport became accessible with my friends to feel like I really belonged in my community.   

“Going into my 20s, the social aspect of sport and physical activity appealed to me, while encouraging a positive body image to not only myself but other females taking up sport.  

“By the time I reached my 30s I became focussed on the competitive side to sport, wanting to achieve personal bests and push the boundaries I has originally set myself 

“Now in my 40s I am looking to maintain positive physical health and mental wellbeing, while encouraging my family, particularly my son Archie, and other children to live a healthy lifestyle. 

I will leave you with this – use sport how you wishbut it’s free and it can be whatever you want it to be.“ 

Tune in tomorrow to discover another member of staff’s #why.