The camps have really helped Ilana-Leigh become less anxious

The Active Fusion holiday camps have once again proven to help children remain positive and engaged through the nation’s lockdown.

The camps, which ran across seven different locations across Doncaster, have been praised for their ability to keep children happy, according to grateful parent Michelle.

Michelle, a keyworker, has seen her daughter Ilana-Leigh regain her confidence and make new friends while on camp in Askern, something which she is more than thankful for.

She said: “Ilana-Leigh has really enjoyed attending the camp sessions. She has told me that she has made new friends and has enjoyed going to each session.

“She is also more active when at home now, asking if we can go for a walk or a bike ride.”

Domino effect

Since last Summer, the Active Fusion holiday camps are the talk of the town, with more and more children being able to benefit from the wide range of physical activity opportunities on offer.

Michelle brought Ilana-Leigh to camp during the summer, stating how her experience from the summer made it an easy choice to sign her daughter up for half-term.

She said: “Ilana-Leigh attended the camp last summer and had an amazing time while there.

“You can see how happy she is when picking her up from camp. Being able to socialise with her peers and having fun has made a huge impact on her mental and physical wellbeing.”


It comes as no surprise that children are worrying about the current pandemic. Almost 12 months on from the first lockdown, children are still anxious and confused about the whole situation.

For Michelle, the camps have served as a welcoming distraction for Ilana-Leigh.

She added: “I am happy that she has something to keep her busy and distract her from the current covid situation as she is a bit of a worrier.

“I think the camps have really helped Ilana-Leigh become less anxious.”

“I’m a key worker, so being able to have Ilana-Leigh attend the camp this half-term has been a big help.”

Being able to work

One of the main reasons for the camps’ success is due to the fact it has enabled parents to carry on working, providing for their families knowing their children are safe, secure and having fun.

Being a key worker, Michelle has been able to continue to work at an uncertain time, while Illana-Leigh has remained active and able to socialise with her friends.

She said: “I’m a key worker, so being able to have Ilana-Leigh attend the camp this half-term has been a big help.

“I have been able to continue working without having to worry as much, which has benefitted the both of us.”

Thank you

The majority of the time, parents are just happy to see their children enjoy themselves; with that once again being the case for Michelle.

She added: “I would definitely book Ilana-Leigh on to the camp again in the future as she has an amazing time every time she has been.

“Keep up the good work. You are all doing an amazing job.”