Wren’s Story: Energising Pupils Through Tailored School Partnerships

This story delves into Wren’s experiences, highlighting her growth in confidence, skills, and enthusiasm for physical activity. Active Fusion partners with schools to empower teachers to enhance their PE delivery, aligning with the ten primary PE sport premium outcomes outlined by the Association for Physical Education (AfPE).

Wren, a spirited pupil, found joy and fulfilment in PE sessions facilitated by Active Fusion coach, Aleksy. Her initial encounters with PE were marked by enthusiasm but tinged with a hint of apprehension. However, under Aleksy’s guidance, Wren’s confidence blossomed, and she eagerly embraced the diverse array of activities presented to her.

Cricket and gymnastics emerged as Wren’s passions, igniting her love for physical activity. The structured yet dynamic PE sessions enabled Wren to explore her capabilities, refine her skills, and discover new talents. As she immersed herself in the world of PE, Wren’s confidence soared, allowing her to embrace physical activity in her leisure time.

Wren’s engagement extended to extracurricular pursuits such as archery, dance club, and soon-to-commence acting club. These endeavours fostered social connections and a sense of belonging within the school community.

Wren’s journey with Active Fusion was marked by notable milestones. She honed her agility, balance, and coordination (ABC’s) through gymnastics, mastering intricate moves such as patch balances and point balances. Moreover, Wren embraced leadership roles within activities, showcasing her growing confidence and interpersonal skills.

Aleksy, Wren’s coach, witnessed her remarkable transformation firsthand. From a reserved participant to a confident leader, Wren epitomised the ethos Active Fusion’s School Partnerships. Aleksy credited Wren’s intelligence, sociability, and dedication, affirming her as a joy to teach.

Through engaging activities, supportive coaching, and a nurturing environment, Wren not only cultivated her physical abilities but also blossomed into a confident, resilient pupil. Her story stands as a testament to the impact of quality PE education in nurturing holistic development and empowering young minds for success

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