Willow Primary School delighted with Apprenticeship Scheme

“Active Fusion have been a great support system for both the apprentices and the schools they work with” – Alice Mooressports coach at Willow Primary School. 

Active Fusion apprentices have impacted plenty of schools throughout South Yorkshire, with many teachers, including Alice, quick to praise the apprenticeship scheme. 

Recently, we caught up with the designated sports coach at Willow for her thoughts on the apprenticeship scheme being ran by Active Fusion:

Do you feel Active Fusion contribute to helping you with the apprenticeship scheme 

ALICE: “Active Fusion have been a great support system for both the apprentices & the schools they work with. The delivery of the apprenticeship content gives young people the tools to adapt to a busy school environment.”

How does it feel to support a young person in their career development? 

ALICE:I have been a mentor for three years, with each apprentice vastly different in their approach to coaching. It is great to know that, as a mentor, I am making a difference to a young person’s future career, particularly if it is someone who wouldn’t have normally fit the mould for the “traditional” route of education.”

Active Fusion Apprentices 2019

How has PE and School Sport apprentice supported your own CPD? 

ALICE: “I have found this to be a huge learning curve as it has challenged my management skills in many ways. I had never managed people in this way before, it has changed my perspective on how to prepare someone for the workplace environment, particularly now young people are expected to be in education for a much longer period.”

How does a PE and School Sport apprentice contribute to PE at Willow? 

ALICE: “At Willow Primary School, we give an apprentice a variety of roles. This allows them to fully understand how PE in a primary school works; that it’s not just about teaching a couple of lessons per week. An apprentice working at Willow Primary School can expect to work on our extended school provision, while assisting with PE lessons and lunchtime activities. 

“Apprentices are also tasked with equipment maintenance and management and to also prepare our sports teams for competitions.”

As a PE lead, how does an apprentice meet the needs of your own role? 

ALICE: As the apprentice works across a number of teams in school, it allows them to fully understand my role as a sports coach. I think this is really important as it allows the young person to really consider whether sports coaching is for them.  

“As I have said previously, it is not just about coaching a couple of lessons a week, it is about creating opportunities for pupils who wouldn’t normally get the chance to participate and potentially make a difference to that pupil’s life.  

“Having an apprentice creates more of these opportunities, particularly when they have another member of staff who is just as passionate and enthusiastic about PE as I am.” 

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