What would you do if you were gifted 10 More Years?

Today, you are part of the first generation in many generations where your own children here in South Yorkshire will have a shorter life expectancy than yourselves. For those living in poverty, the gap is on average closer to 10 years in comparison to the life expectancy of their more affluent peers. As a charity, Active Fusion uses the power of sport and physical activity to fight for change and equity for all children to be active. Our charity-first mission sets out a promise to address this tsunami of inequality, with The Fusion Movement Campaign and our latest 10 More Years Appeal fully focused on doing exactly that. If you were were gifted 10 More Years how would you use them? Here’s my story and my fight for 10 More Years… 


This picture was taken 10 Years ago at Tsavo East National Park in Kenya. I was on vacation in Kenya, a luxury escape and re(treat) with my partner to recover from surgery and treatment. It was a time for reflection and gratitude for the NHS and for my improving health.

This is an Herte Beest, taking on vital water and nutrients to survive the heat of the barren African landscape in summer. The sun captures his reflection in the water, but, what does he see that we don’t?

We are probably quite familiar with the image of the cat that looks in the mirror and sees a lion (if not Google it). The cat believes to be seeing a fearless vicious lion, embracing an attitude of a daring, brave and fearless warrior, which the lion is known to be. In the event that the cat faces a battle, it would be driven to fight with all its heart with the attitude of a lion.

What the cat sees is the reflection of a winner, it embodies the attitude of a winner, the character of a winner and that pre-determines how it responds to challenges – it’s their fight.

The cat simply defines in that one act, who or what they are, how they see themselves and that affects their character, attitude, values and even belief system which drives them every day to survive.

I’ll come back to the Herte Beest in a moment…

Many of you will have noted from my recent posts that I work for a children’s charity. I lead the way in our fight for children, often undertaking personal challenges to raise vital funds whilst asking people to join me and do the same. From 24 non-stop Movement Marathons in 2021 to my current challenge, where I am undertaking 7 back-to-back 10-day physical activity challenges running, cycling and walking over 10K (some days 10 miles on the bike) completing a minimum of 60 minutes of intensive activity every day – with NO DAYS OFF.

Today is day 39 of 70. I am in pain but my heart is full.

A colleague and friend (thank you Paul Smith) said to me a few days ago – ‘Bec’s that’s actually quite something…I feel I should be supporting you more. How can I help?’

Well, it is quite something for me personally, and here’s why…

So now, back to the Herte Beest( I promise I will get to my point now)…

Not only is the image significant of the fact this month marks a milestone, a milestone where I have survived 10 More Years since this photo was taken fighting my own health battle, but it also signifies what I see in myself and my reflection, an animal whose character that I can resonate with. And here is why…

Like the lion (and the cat) the Herte Beest is well known for its fearlessness and unwavering courage. It fearlessly confronts obstacles and embraces challenges presented in its path, inspiring others around it to face their fears and overcome obstacles in their own lives.

For those who truly know me you might see this in me. But many of you will never know the battles I face every day. My fight song is in the fire that burns within me, that drives my passion for charity, for supporting children in need and for making a difference, my way, one step, day and fundraiser at a time.

Physical activity is important to our health and wellbeing and I know it has played a huge part in improving my personal health and mental resilience, helping me to be the best I can be and fight the fight. You have to be brave to be a leader, and more so to be a fundraiser, especially during the cost of living crisis. To dare to ask others to donate and support a cause, requires a certain givers gain attitude, a moral mandate if you like where asking others to do something only feels right if I have already selflessly taken action myself. But more on that perhaps another time…

It is probably time for me to close this piece with a double call to action.

Firstly, who will you see in the water or the mirror the next time you look? Will you see yourself as a fighter – a winner (like the Cat or the Herte Beest)?, will you be the hero in your own story and/ or call to action the hero in the lives of others? Be brave, be you, take action. We can all make a difference, one day at a time in our own way.

Secondly, can you help me reach my target in support of Active Fusion’s 10 More Years Appeal and help me fight for the power of sport and physical activity in young lives? You’ll see I’m a little behind on my fundraising target for the halfway stage, but won’t stop fighting to reach it!

To find out more about Active Fusion and the 10 More Years charity campaign here – https://www.activefusion.org.uk/10-more-years/

If you or your business can support me in any way you can please see my story and Just Giving page here – https://www.justgiving.com/page/becky-rose-active-fusion-10for10challenge

Face the mirror and your future self today, how will you use the gift of 10 More Years?

No matter what, strive be the best you can be…and everyone will be a winner!


– Becky Rose