Dylan’s Story: Volunteering Opportunities

Growth starts at the root of Active Fusion. Becoming a volunteer has been stated as ‘vital’ for young people going on to do great things…


Dylan, a volunteer who has been repeatedly helping to lead during recent ‘Unified Leaders’ sessions, has personally progressed and is now eager to share his experiences. Dylan acts as an advocate for the young people we work alongside, pushing them to be the best they can be. 

Over a series of Unified Leaders sessions at Pennine View, Dylan has helped the Active Fusion team to deliver the programme as well as using the experience for his own personal benefit. Dylan has proven himself to be very passionate. 

Confidence is a vital trait that can significantly impact an individual’s performance in any area of life. We feel that Dylan has improved his confidence massively and will go on to be a great sports leader! 

Developing core skills, such as communication, had a positive influence on Dylan’s sessions as he gained respect from the group and therefore, also gained engagement. Dylan’s highlight was “learning how to speak to peers when running an activity” and learning that communication is the key to a successful sports session.  

Working with both Tom and Ben – Active Fusion’s Unified Leaders team, Dylan has walked away with a valuable volunteering experience and a huge confidence boost. 

Dylan wishes to continue helping others to become more involved in coaching and leading as Dylan “enjoys the responsibility” and thrives seeing others learn. What a great role model!

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