School Fun Run with Ray Matthews

Are your students ready for a challenge? Well here’s the perfect opportunity! The Rotherham 10k Race is back and this year they’re hosting an inter-school competition 1-mile fun run. 

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it has not been possible to deliver a safe race since 2019. However, the team is delighted to announce that they are back for 2022 and with a new sponsor.

The “Rotherham 10k Race” has been brought forward to 10 am, with the Fun Run / Schools “Run a Mile event”  starting at 12:00 noon.

The chosen charity for this race is Age UK. So lace your trainers up and let’s raise some money!

The School Challenge

The mile challenge is a one-mile lap around the circumference of Clifton Park in Rotherham and takes place at around 12 pm on Sunday the 15th of May as part of the festival of running with the Rotherham 10k.

Open to all schools in and around Rotherham / South Yorkshire. Each school needs to enter at least 4 runners (but can enter as many as possible).

To enter the race, please use the sign-up form below to list and enter your students ( a fee of £3 per child collected by the school.) After the entry submission of names,  Ray will collect money before the event when he delivers the race numbers and pins to each school before race day.

Please provide an estimate of total entries by the 15th of April. Final submissions for your Schools/students’ entry by the 29th of April.

We hope to see you all joining the challenge on May the 15th!

Key information and sign-up:

About Ray

Ray is very passionate about his sport; He loves to run! Over the past few years, retirement has allowed Ray to fulfill some of his dreams and ambitions.

Over the past couple of years, Ray has been able to complete a 100km race across the Sahara Desert and more recently taken on a very demanding 100 mile run around the circumference of Rotherham, South Yorkshire.

Whilst some would say Ray is coming to the age of comfy chairs and slippers Ray just isn’t happy with that lifestyle! Whilst ever Ray Can he will continue what he loves doing, Running and raising money to help others!

Ray is passionate about encouraging children to be motivated to do more physical activity. If you would like to have Ray come to your school to talk about his journey, please contact him at

Here’s how you can support Ray: