R’s Story: Tailored Support In Educational Settings

A journey that serves as evidence of the transformative power of patience, encouragement, and tailored support in nurturing potential.


Due to the nature of this case study, the child in question will remain anonymous. We will refer to them as ‘R’.

Active Fusion are dedicated to building trusted relationships with the children, young people, and families across our local communities. As part of our school partnership approach, we are committed to ensuring that everyone we encounter receives a personal and rewarding journey with Active Fusion.

Recently, during a partnership with a local primary school, student R emerged as a vibrant yet somewhat reserved individual. Known for their amiable and respectful nature, they faced challenges in embracing activities that pushed them beyond their comfort zone. One hurdle surfaced during gymnastics, where student R exhibited reluctance and disengagement from the very start.

Daisy, an Education and Community Sports Coach here at Active Fusion, noticed R’s lack of enthusiasm and reluctance in participating during gymnastics lessons. Initially uncooperative and hesitant, R struggled with various aspects, from exploring shapes and balances to participating in partner work.

Through numerous conversations, Daisy discerned that gymnastics was an area that made R feel vulnerable and uncomfortable. R described it as “embarrassing“, a sentiment that made the topic unappealing and uninteresting to him.

However, through consistent communication and relationship-building, a transformation began to take shape. With time, R started showing signs of increased engagement. They slowly began to participate in warm-ups, engage in partner activities, and even proactively responded to questions. Witnessing R step beyond their comfort zone, albeit with challenges, was a testament to their growing confidence and determination.

R became a different child by the term’s end. They not only actively participated but also took on additional responsibilities, eagerly helping to set up equipment, contributing to group sequences, and displaying a generally happier demeanour.

One pivotal strategy that significantly supported R’s progress was allowing them to work within a group of friends. This agreement became a motivating factor for R, ensuring their engagement and effort throughout the lessons. The camaraderie with their peers provided a sense of confidence and security, significantly reducing their feelings of embarrassment. “R flourished this term, from being a reluctant, disruptive, disengaged student to a bright, smiley, hardworking one, and it was a pleasure watching them progress.” shared Daisy, reflecting on R’s remarkable transformation.

The success story of R’s journey with Active Fusion stands as a testament to the power of understanding, encouragement, and personalised support. It underscores the impact of fostering a comfortable and supportive environment for students to thrive, emphasising the importance of recognising individual needs and tailoring approaches to meet them.

R’s journey serves as evidence of the transformative power of patience, encouragement, and tailored support in nurturing a student’s potential. It showcases the significant impact of understanding individual needs and fostering a supportive environment within educational settings.

Through Active Fusion, student R found the confidence to push their boundaries and emerged as a more engaged, confident, and enthusiastic learner. You can read more stories like student R’s here or discover more about Active Fusion’s School Partnerships here.