PE Parent

We are delighted to bring you our “˜PE Parent’ Resource Pack!

We want to ensure that during this time children are not missing out on their vital Physical Education. So we have developed free age-appropriate Physical Education sessions for Early Years Foundation StageKey Stage 1Key Stage 2 and Special Educational Needs pupils.

“˜PE Parent’ is a free, easy to follow resource for parents to give their children a positive, progressive experience in PE and can be delivered to fit around your lifestyle.

All activities can be done at home and can be adapted to using household items should you not have access to sports equipment.

What’s included?

For each activity, there is a games card detailing all the information on how to play and what you will need. We have also created a QR code which you can scan using your phone camera and it will take you straight to the instructional video on our YouTube Channel.

Within the cards and videos, you will find several ways to progress each activity to challenge your child further should they need to. We share some “˜top tips’ to show what the children should be learning during each activity and some key questions for you to ask them.

Where possible make it a competition by challenging them to beat siblings, grownups or their own personal best scores.

Access the packs by clicking the appropriate image below:

Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

Key Stage One

Key Stage Two

Special Educational Needs (SEND)

Have fun and please feel free to share any of your “˜PE Parent’ lessons with the team on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!