Mo Farah’s PE Teacher and Pride of Britain Winner Alan Watkinson to Speak at “Re-imagine an Active Future” Conference

Active Fusion is proud to announce the participation of Alan Watkinson, acclaimed PE teacher and mentor to Olympic champion Sir Mo Farah, in the “Re-imagine an Active Future” conference this March. 

The conference, dedicated to fostering physical health and well-being among youth, will feature Watkinson’s insights and expertise, offering attendees a unique perspective on empowering the next generation. 

Alan Watkinson‘s impact on Sir Mo Farah’s life and career has been widely celebrated. In a recent BBC documentary, “The Real Mo Farah,” Sir Mo credited Watkinson as a pivotal figure in his journey. After being trafficked into the UK at a young age, Sir Mo found solace and guidance in Watkinson, who not only supported him academically but also provided crucial emotional support during his formative years. 

“Alan Watkinson played a vital role in shaping my life” remarked Sir Mo Farah. “Without his unwavering support, I wouldn’t be where I am today.” 

Watkinson‘s dedication to nurturing young talent extends beyond his time as Farah’s PE teacher. With 17 years of experience teaching PE and History in secondary schools, Watkinson now serves as the partnership director of Sport Impact, where he leads initiatives to promote physical activity and competition in schools. His work aims to provide students with opportunities to thrive both athletically and academically. 

“Sport has the power to transform lives,” said Alan Watkinson. “It creates a level playing field where all students can excel and gain confidence.” 

During the “Re-imagine an Active Future” conference, Watkinson will share his insights on the role of physical education in shaping holistic development among youth. Attendees, including headteachers, teachers, governors, and well-being leads, will have the opportunity to learn from Watkinson’s experiences and gain practical strategies for fostering active and healthy communities. 

During his appearance at the “Re-imagine an Active Future” conference, Alan Watkinson will delve into the profound impact of Mo’s Mission, which is intricately connected to the Youth Sport Trust‘s new manifesto for change aimed at enhancing children and young people’s well-being and achievement. As the National School Sports Champion, Mo Farah’s dedication to this mission, which he undertook following his retirement from competitive running in 2023, stems from his firsthand experience of how sports can profoundly shape young individuals’ personal development.   

Alan Watkinson will explore the transformative potential of Mo’s Mission within the broader context of promoting active and healthy lifestyles among youth, offering attendees valuable insights and inspiration to champion similar initiatives in their own communities. 

The inclusion of Alan Watkinson in the conference lineup underscores the event’s commitment to inspiring positive change in youth well-being. His story exemplifies the transformative impact of mentorship and the power of sports in nurturing resilience and confidence among young individuals. 

For more information about the “Re-imagine an Active Future” conference and to register for the event, please visit the Active Fusion website here.