Active Fusion supports Mental Health Awareness Week

Active Fusion will be showing their support for Mental Health Awareness Week throughout schools in Doncaster. This Mental Health Awareness Week, it’s time to step up the fight for mental health.

Mental Health Awareness Week runs from Monday 10th May to Sunday 16th May 2021. This year, join the fight for mental health.

During this pandemic, millions of people have experienced a mental health problem or seen a loved one struggle.

We must take this chance to step up the fight for mental health. That means fighting for change, for fairness, for respect and for life-changing support.

This year, the theme for the week is “˜Nature’. Across the country, people will be celebrating the mental health benefits of being around nature in their local community in a range of digital and creative ways. Active Fusion continues to positively impact children’s mental health by offering them opportunities to be happy, healthy ad active through a variety of sports and physical activity.

Lindsy James, Director of Active Fusion, said: “Now more than ever, making sure we look after our mental health is crucial.

“For children and young families, our team is dedicated to helping build a positive mindset through physical activity.

“Just 20 minutes of physical activity does magical things to your brain which helps improve how we feel. It makes us feel happy, connect with nature and with other people. Make some time to move more during Mental Health Awareness Week.

Mark Rowland, Chief Executive of the Mental Health Foundation, said: “Mental Health Awareness Week has grown to be one of the biggest awareness weeks in the UK.

“This year the theme is on nature and its central role for our mental health. Since the beginning of the pandemic, millions of us turned to nature to help us get through lockdowns and our research shows that good mental health depends on us being able to connect with nature in some way and its power in both prevention of and recovery from poor mental health.

“We want to highlight the huge disparities between who is and who isn’t able to access nature. We want the week to explore how everyone across the UK can connect with nature and experience the mental health benefits wherever they live.”

Some of the ways people can participate in Mental Health Awareness Week:

  • During Mental Health Awareness Week, why not try to make a habit each day of connecting to the nature in your local area? Stop to listen to the birdsong, smell the freshly cut grass, take care of a house plant, notice any trees, flowers or animals nearby. Take a moment to appreciate these connections.
  • Share images/videos/or just sound recordings of the nature on your doorstep (and how this made you feel) on social media using #ConnectWithNature and #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek
  • Use Mental Health Foundation resources in your family, school, workplace and community to join with thousands of people who will be finding new ways to connect with nature in their local environment.

“Make some time to move more during Mental Health Awareness Week.”

For more information about this year’s Mental Health Awareness Week visit or join the conversation on social media using #ConnectWithNature and #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek