Fusion Camps continue to help children improve their confidence

The Active Fusion holiday camps continue to help children improve and develop their skills, while also allowing them to integrate further into their community, according to foster carer Lynne Graves. 

Lynne is a foster carer for Ionut, a six-year-old Romanian boy, who attended the Fusion Camp in Bentley 

Described as an energetic, vibrant individual, Lynne believes the camps have been hugely beneficial for Ionut, as he continues to embed himself further into his local community. 

She said: “The camps have been really beneficial for Ionut.

As a foster carer for Ionut, it has been nice to keep the continuity of school life going during the holidays, albeit a little bit more relaxed with a higher focus on sport and activity.

He’s very energetic boy. He’s enjoyed coming and it has given him a chance to integrate with other children and improve his English.“ 


The camps focus on giving children the opportunity to be physically active during a time when schools are closed. With an increasing number of children not able to access physical activity due to the pandemic, these camps became more important than ever before.  

Lynne wants the very best for Ionut, who has shown improvements every day since coming to camp. 

She said: “Camps are really important.  

All the children that have come are from different situations and different backgrounds so every parent is bringing their child for a different reason, but I think it is nice that children can come on camp and have fun with their friends and the coaches. 

They’re not just sat at home in front of the television or tablet, they’re out there being active and being engaged.“


The pandemic affects everyone differently, Lynne admits this. The problem plenty of parents have had over the past twelve months is explaining to their children why they cannot go to the park or go swimming or do the things they want to do. 

With the pandemic now easing, parents, including Lynne, have been able to reflect on what the camps have offered during a really tough period for the entire nation. 

She said: Because he’s only six, he doesn’t really fully understand Covid 

We have obviously limited where we can go as we haven’t been able to do all the activities we want to do with him, so being able to come here has been an absolutely amazing replacement for the things we haven’t been able to do.“ 

Everything he learns makes him feel more confident and comfortable.”


Enjoyment. Improvement. Satisfaction.  

As the camps continue to show their value to the community, Lynne has reflected on how much Ionut has developed since walking through the doors at Bentley High Street for the first time. 

She said: “Ionut has really enjoyed it. He would come home and tells me all about it and what he’s learnt.  

Everything he learns makes him feel more confident and comfortable. It shows that he’s starting to understand more which allows him to do more and get more involved with activities and games.  

Every day is an improvement, which is really important to us.“