Local Favourites Fish Bits and Active Fusion Serve Up a Flavourful Partnership

How chips and charity came together for positive change. 

In a delightful fusion of fresh, quality food and community spirit, Active Fusion is proud to announce its latest partnership with the beloved local restaurant, Fish Bits. This collaboration is not only about satisfying taste buds but also about making a positive impact on the community, particularly for children and young people. 

On December 1st, Fish Bits generously pledged to donate 20p from every special sold to Active Fusion. The result? A delectable Friday treat that not only delighted the taste buds but also served as a helping hand to create a more inclusive community for those who need it most. 

The partnership exceeded expectations, raising a commendable £75 from the sales of Fish Bits Specials on this day alone. Embracing the true spirit of the season, Fish Bits decided to double this donation, bringing the total contribution to an impressive £150. This generous donation was directed towards the Big Fusion Give 2023, an initiative that successfully raised a grand total of £22,444. 

Expressing gratitude for this heartwarming collaboration, Fish Bits and Active Fusion are committed to continuing their partnership into the future. Starting from the 1st of every month, Fish Bits will donate 20p from every special sold to Active Fusion, ensuring a sustained effort to support the community. 

Speaking about the collaboration, Poppy Burdis, Marketing & Communication Manager at Active Fusion, commented, “Support from local businesses means the world to us, and it’s a step towards building a brighter future for our community. The partnership with Fish Bits exemplifies the power of local organisations coming together to make a positive impact on the lives of children and young people.” 

For those eager to join in and make a difference, Active Fusion invites potential partners to reach out. To learn more about becoming a partner of Active Fusion and contributing to the transformation of the lives of local children and young people, contact Becky Rose at becky@activefusion.org.uk today.