Kian’s Story: Volunteering in the SEND Community

Kian, an 18-year-old student at Harrison College, embarked on a transformative journey with Active Fusion‘s Inclusion Service from September to December. Initially reserved and shy, Kian’s experience unfolded under the guidance of Inclusion Officer Tom, resulting in personal and professional maturation. 

Upon arrival, Kian struggled with social interactions, finding it challenging to engage with both students and staff. His initial difficulty in communicating hindered his ability to connect with others. Recognising Kian’s potential, Tom undertook the task of mentoring him, illustrating that meeting new people need not be an intimidating experience. 

Kian’s love for staying active and engaging in sports from a young age set the foundation for his impactful journey. His internship with Active Fusion allowed him to gain insights into the dynamics of working in a school and sports setting. This aligns seamlessly with Kian’s passion for sports, enabling him to impact young people positively. 

During the four-month internship, Kian actively contributed to School Partnership and Sports Leaders delivery. His role included leading and mentoring students from Doncaster school during physical activity sessions. Kian’s involvement extended to diverse groups, fostering the development of leadership and interpersonal skills. Tom expressed his satisfaction, noting Kian’s seamless integration and personal development.  

The pinnacle of Kian’s experience was supporting Tom in delivering leadership projects at Pennine View School. Witnessing Tom’s approach to diverse PE activities sparked inspiration in Kian, instilling confidence in his ability to plan and conduct sessions independently. This marked a significant positive outcome in Kian’s journey with Active Fusion. 

Active Fusion not only provided Kian with an avenue to maintain an active lifestyle but also offered valuable insights into working within a Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) school sports environment. Kian’s confidence soared, and he expressed gratitude for the support received, emphasising the role of Tom and the Pennine View staff in pushing him out of his comfort zone. 

As Kian nears the end of his work program, he reflects on his journey with Active Fusion as a catalyst for personal growth. The experience has instilled a newfound confidence in him, dispelling previous struggles with self-assurance. Kian now contemplates starting a new work program, equipped with the belief that his time with Active Fusion has shaped him into a more confident individual. Kian commented, “Tom and the staff at Pennine View have pushed me out of my comfort zone. I now feel more confident as a person.” 

The story of Kian demonstrates that the right volunteer placement can foster community connections, skill development, and career advancement. Those interested in similar opportunities are encouraged to contact Active Fusion’s Communities and Leadership Manager, Kingsley Berry, to explore the enriching possibilities that await –