Keira’s Story: A Beacon Of Hope

Active Fusion helped Keira to find her passion in physical activity and aim towards impacting the next generation of leaders.


In a world that often forgets the power of unity and the strength of individuals with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND), the Unified Leaders project stands as a shining beacon of hope. Funded with a mission to nurture young minds, enhance their life skills, employability, and physical well-being through the magic of sports, this initiative has created ripples of inspiration. Today, we delve into the heart-warming story of Keira, a bright star who discovered her inner leader through the Unified Leaders project at Doncaster School for the Deaf.

Keira, a spirited participant at Doncaster School for the Deaf, initially approached the idea of leadership with timidity. However, there was one thing that ignited her spirit – her love for sports, especially football. Little did she know that the Unified Leaders project would play a pivotal role in awakening her passion for coaching and the essence of being a true leader.

Her journey began with a 12-week programme that aimed to educate Keira and her peers on increasing the engagement of physical activities within their school. The programme blended leadership theory with hands-on experiences, highlighting the profound impact that Physical Education can have.

This project, uniquely delivered in Special School settings, aspires to create a network of young Unified Sports Leaders, who not only build on their training but also contribute back to the community by dedicating volunteering hours, assisting in leadership roles within their schools and local communities.

Keira’s transformation was nothing short of astounding. She opened up about her newfound leadership skills and her ability to conduct herself gracefully in educational settings, especially when dealing with challenging behaviours. Keira commented, “I feel the skills we discussed were developed massively, and I have flourished to be a great teacher.”

For Keira, the highlight of the project was when she got to put her newly acquired skills into action. Coaching sessions and collaborating with Coach Tom, Active Fusion’s Inclusion Officer and the driving force behind the Unified Leaders Project, were moments of pure joy. Keira seized every opportunity to showcase her knowledge.

She shared, “Working as a team has been highly enjoyable, and I liked working with my classmates and the children across the school.” The sense of unity within the project was undeniably contagious. The project had worked its magic, not just on Keira, but on her peers as well.

As the project concluded, Keira expressed her dreams, “I would like to be a teacher and travel the world teaching as well as coaching football, which I am very passionate about.” We couldn’t be prouder that Keira aspires to be the role model for the next generation. Her journey epitomises the profound impact that programs like Unified Leaders can have on the lives of young individuals with SEND. These programs not only help them realise their potential but also encourage them to reach for the stars.

The Unified Leaders project isn’t just about sports and leadership; it’s about igniting passions, nurturing dreams, and transforming lives. Keira’s story is a testament to the extraordinary power of unity and the magic of inclusivity. Unified Leaders is not just a project; it’s a heart-warming journey of hope, inspiration, and transformation.

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