Harry’s Story: Becoming an Active Fusion Apprentice

Harry, a Level 4 Sports Coach apprentice, found his passion for sports education through a unique pathway that led him to Active Fusion. Currently employed at Goole Academy, his journey with Active Fusion began during his work experience at the school, where he crossed paths with another apprentice working with the charity. This encounter sparked his interest, and through his determination, Harry established a connection with the Apprenticeships Manager, opening the door to a transformative apprenticeship with Active

One of the significant impacts of Harry’s apprenticeship has been the boost in his confidence. Initially a reserved individual, Harry discovered his voice and learned the value of expressing ideas without fear of judgment. He shared, “Before this, I was usually a lot
quieter than I am now as I have learnt that there is no wrong answer when answering questions.” This newfound confidence enabled him to engage with different people and participate in diverse activities. Active Fusion provided Harry with opportunities to assist on Fusion Camps in 2023. These experiences not only broadened his horizons but also reinforced the idea that embracing opportunities and moving forward leads to personal and professional growth.

The apprenticeship played a pivotal role in developing Harry’s leadership skills. Taking charge of his football team for a year and a half, he learned the intricacies of making tactics and devising different formations. Through his leadership, the team achieved numerous successes, fostering a sense of accomplishment and camaraderie. Additionally, Harry expanded his leadership role by organising and leading trips, such as a bowling outing with students with Special Educational Needs & Disabilities (SEND). This experience not only provided the students with a positive and enjoyable outing but also allowed Harry to witness life beyond the school setting, enhancing her perspective on inclusive sports and extracurricular activities.

Reflecting on his journey, Harry enthusiastically recommended Active Fusion to aspiring sports coaches and educators. He emphasised the charity’s unique approach, providing diverse experiences that other companies might not offer. Harry expressed, “I would personally
recommend coming to Active Fusion because they give you different experiences than other companies may not offer. I think this helps people come out and try new things that they might not have tried before and not have gotten a chance to without the help
from Active Fusion.”

Harry’s case study exemplifies the transformative impact of apprenticeships, showcasing how Active Fusion’s programs go beyond traditional sports coaching, empowering individuals to grow personally and professionally. His journey serves as an inspiration for those seeking dynamic and enriching opportunities in the field of sports education.

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