Growth within Community sessions

Year 7 student shows her progress in youth sessions in her community. 

Phoenix, an 11-year-old student with an upcoming sports interest, attended Fusion Youth and learnt several ways to burn her energy during these sessions.  

Fusion Youth is a programme designed to tackle the inactivity of children and young people at the heart of the community. To do this we provide a Community Activator Coach in communities that are most in need to get children and young people moving, across South Yorkshire. 

The unique sessions Phoenix has learnt, such as mixed martial arts, have helped her try new things and even further her interest in sports. In these sessions, Phoenix feels her happier self! She has learnt lots when taking part in these afterschool sessions. 

Adapting her skills and learning new skills was important to Phoenix when taking part. Spending time with the coaches, she describes them as “fun and kind” when enhancing her Pheonix’s teamwork skills; encouraging her to make new friends and work together, collaborate as a team, to complete an activity.  

Our Community Coaching team, provide an exciting and varied sports offer to young people who would otherwise not engage, improving motivation and encouraging them to develop long-term physical activity habits. 

Before Fusion Youth sessions Phoenix shared, she spent majority of her time on her phone or online after school. These community sessions have showed Phoenix, being active is more fun than wasting her battery life online. Withdrawing from her phone, she is more happy, active and more sociable. Phoenix enjoys attending these sessions because “it is great to do afterschool and its healthy”.  

Phoenix has found a positive impact, her health being better, when she is doing sporting activities and being fit. 

These Fusion youth sessions are important for young people in our communities as recent figures demonstrate that as many as 26% of children living in deprived areas across South Yorkshire are overweight, with 40% of children and young people considered to be ‘inactive’, in terms of their routine physical exercise. 

Fusion Youth is fun to participate in and Phoenix said: “I recommend this to other schools, especially year 7 students”, like herself. 

If you’re looking to get involved and join our Fusion Youth Sessions, you can find our timetable here 

To get involved or to find our more about the Fusion Youth programme contact Kingsley Berry on