Go Well CEO Joins Groundbreaking Conference Empowering Educators for Children’s Physical Health

Go Well CEO, Sarah Price, set to lead unique workshop centred around the interconnectedness of body and mind. 

In a collaborative effort by Active Fusion, Get Doncaster Moving, Sports Directory, Yorkshire Sport Foundation, and Doncaster College, a groundbreaking conference is set to take place, dedicated to empowering educators and advocates for the physical health and well-being of children.  

Scheduled for Wednesday 27th March, this unique conference is tailored for educational and sporting professionals, aiming to unite headteachers, educators, governors, well-being coordinators, departmental leaders, and individuals deeply devoted to enhancing the physical health and well-being of children and young individuals.  

Leading the ‘Team up Kids‘ workshop is Sarah Price, CEO of Go Well, a nonprofit organisation dedicated to fostering healthy, active futures in the Northeast of England. With a profound belief in the interconnectedness of body and mind, Sarah champions the transformative power of movement on mental health. Instrumental in shaping the Team Up program, showcased at this conference, she embodies its ethos in her daily life. Eager to impart some of its invaluable knowledge, tools, and techniques, Sarah invites you to join her. 

At the heart of the workshop lies an introduction to the ‘Brainy Bunch’ created by Team Up co-owner, Hannah Bell Clarity. The ‘Brainy Bunch’ is a metaphorical family of brain components and chemicals illuminating the intricate relationship between our brains, bodies, and emotions. Delve into the profound impact of physical activity on brain function, well-being, and learning readiness. Witness firsthand how the innovative Team Up program, anchored in movement, has the potential to revolutionise the health and well-being of entire school communities. 

Sarah commented, I am thrilled to be leading a workshop at this aspirational conference filled with dedicated and inspiring educational professionals.  Let’s ‘Team Up’ and make a real difference to our children’s (and our own) mental health.  See you there!” 

Active Fusion, our event sponsors and workshop presenters look forward to welcoming you to a conference that goes beyond discussions – where ideas turn into action and visions transform into reality. 

Prepare yourself to be invigorated, enlightened, and uplifted as we ignite your imagination to “Re-imagine an Active Future”. Reserve your seat here.