Doncaster Racecourse Renews Sponsorship of Active Fusion’s Mascot

Doncaster Racecourse is thrilled to announce the renewal of its sponsorship of Active Fusion’s beloved mascot VIP for a second consecutive year. 

VIP, the lead mascot in a family of characters created through a creative competition involving local young people, continues to embody the spirit of community engagement and empowerment. 

The partnership between Doncaster Racecourse and Active Fusion began in 2023 when the racecourse enthusiastically decided to support the mascot VIP. Since then, the collaboration between these two esteemed organisations has flourished, with a shared commitment to enriching the lives of children and young people across South Yorkshire. 

Throughout the partnership, Doncaster Racecourse has consistently demonstrated its dedication to supporting Active Fusion, extending beyond sponsorship to encompass various collaborative initiatives. Notably, Active Fusion’s dynamic team has been a highlight at Doncaster Racecourse’s family fun day, engaging attendees with exciting games and sports activities. 

“Our ongoing partnership with Active Fusion and sponsorship of VIP reflects our deep-rooted dedication to supporting initiatives that positively impact our community,” said Rachel Harwood, executive director at Doncaster Racecourse. “We believe in the power of youth engagement and are thrilled to continue our journey alongside Active Fusion.”

Active Fusion, a local charity dedicated to promoting physical activity and well-being among youth, expresses gratitude for the ongoing support from Doncaster Racecourse. The renewal of VIP’s sponsorship reflects the shared values and vision for empowering the next generation. 

“We are immensely grateful to Doncaster Racecourse for their unwavering support,” said Lindsy James, Director of Active Fusion. “Their commitment to our mission has been instrumental in driving positive change in the lives of young people. We look forward to continuing our partnership and making a lasting impact together.” 

As the collaboration between Doncaster Racecourse and Active Fusion continues to thrive, both organisations remain dedicated to fostering a culture of health, wellness, and community engagement. Through innovative initiatives and collaborative efforts, they aim to inspire and uplift the youth of South Yorkshire. 

For more information about Doncaster Racecourse and its upcoming events, please visit their website. You can learn more about Active Fusion’s mission and discover ways to support this local charity here.