C’s Story: In Collaboration with Doncaster Mind

Doncaster Mind, in collaboration with community coaches Tea and Oliver from Active Fusion, initiated a series of sports and physical activity sessions to enhance the well-being of individuals aged 16-65. This case study focuses on the remarkable journey of service user C, who, despite initial apprehensions due to her disability, discovered newfound confidence and mental well-being through the sessions.

C, who was recommended by Doncaster Mind, joined the sessions with the goal of building confidence and improving their mental health. These sessions, like Fusion Community sessions, aimed to combat inactivity among those facing mental health challenges.

At the onset, C expressed nervousness about their disability hindering their participation. However, the introduction of cricket proved to be a turning point. C, initially doubtful, not only played cricket successfully but surprised their self with their ability to hit the ball and even run. This marked the beginning of their transformative journey.

Tea and Oliver engaged in conversations with C to understand their interests. Discovering their fondness for Crown Green bowling, despite back issues, they introduced C to the lighter sport of Boccia. C’s instant love for the game, with its unique challenges and constant problem-solving, rekindled their positive relationship with sports.

C’s newfound skills and love for Boccia prompted them and their partner to explore local cricket clubs and Boccia sessions. The impact of the sessions on C’s confidence was evident as they expressed their surprise and joy at trying new sports.

By the end of the sessions, C reported significant growth in confidence. They credited Tea and Oliver for making them feel comfortable from day one, expressing gratitude for the positive impact on their overall well-being.

Despite the sessions with Doncaster Mind ending, C expressed their hope to maintain contact with the Active Fusion coaches, “Oliver and Tea are brill, they made me feel comfortable from day one and I enjoy coming down to speak to them about my week. I am sad that we have finished these sessions however I hope I do see them in the future as I am so thankful for everything that they have done for me.”

Lauren Glynn, Well-being Navigator at Doncaster Mind, praised Active Fusion for going above and beyond to create a welcoming environment. “I cannot rate your team enough. Both Oliver and Tea have gone above and beyond to provide a welcoming environment.”

C, among other participants, expressed the desire to participate in more Active Fusion sessions, highlighting the invaluable support provided by Tea and Oliver.

C’s story illustrates how sports and physical activity can profoundly enhance mental well-being. The commitment of community coaches Tea and Oliver, combined with C’s resilience, led to a positive and meaningful journey. This case serves as proof of the effectiveness of personalised sports programs in nurturing confidence, self-belief, and overall, well-being for individuals navigating mental health challenges.

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