Conference to Spotlight Girls Football and School Games with Unique Workshop

Central to the ‘Re-imagine an Active Future’ conference is the workshop, ‘You Choose You Move’, spearheaded by Hannah Lane, Active Fusion’s Operations and Development Manager and seasoned School Games Organiser. 

In a bid to reshape the landscape of physical education, the eagerly anticipated “Re-imagine an Active Future” conference is set to make waves on Wednesday 27th March at Doncaster College. Promising a day filled with innovation and inspiration, this event aims to provide educators and stakeholders with dynamic tools and ideas to foster a more active and healthy future for children and young people. 

The conference invites headteachers, teachers, governors, well-being leads, department leads, and all individuals passionate about enhancing physical health and well-being to come together in exploration. With a focus on empowerment, the conference aims to equip attendees with the insights and resources needed to revolutionise physical education. 

At the heart of the event is the workshop led by Active Fusion’s Operations and Development Manager and experienced School Games Organiser, Hannah Lane, titled ‘You Choose You Move’. This workshop promises a unique approach, allowing participants to select three topics of interest and experience 15-minute bursts of information while actively moving between chosen tables. Topics will span a range of crucial areas, including Girls and Women’s Football, School Games, PE Networking, and Creating an Active School. Furthermore, attendees can expect to engage with local organisations boasting innovative ideas to share, enriching the learning experience. 

Hannah Lane commented, “In Doncaster we have seen a huge growth in the number of Schools engaging in the School Games during the last few years. The School Games is a great way for schools to develop an understanding of the bigger impact physical activity and sport can have on individuals. We are looking forward to sharing how we aim to provide opportunities for all ages through positive experiences! We will also have Luke Millar who will share exciting resources and information about the Barclays Girls Football School Partnership and how schools can access FREE CPD to help grown participation amongst females in their school!” 

With headline sponsors including Get Doncaster Moving & Sports Directory  and support from Yorkshire Sport Foundation & Doncaster College, the conference is poised to foster connections among like-minded educators. Interactive sessions will encourage the sharing of success stories and the cultivation of a supportive community committed to enhancing physical education programs across the region. 

Keynote speakers, renowned in their fields, will provide fresh perspectives on physical education and well-being in educational settings. Attendees will have the opportunity to engage in hands-on workshops, explore theory and research, and gain practical tools and insights from professionals. 

The overarching goal of “Re-imagine an Active Future” is to provide attendees with a fresh perspective on inclusive approaches to physical education. Moreover, participants can anticipate acquiring practical tools for addressing the holistic well-being of children and young people. Most importantly, the conference promises an enjoyable and enriching experience, leaving attendees feeling action-focused and inspired to champion an active and healthy future within their schools and communities. 

As the event approaches, anticipation is building, with Active Fusion eagerly looking forward to welcoming participants to “Re-imagine an Active Future” on March 27th. Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of a conference that transcends discussions, transforming visions into reality and ideas into action. Secure your tickets here.