Bridie’s Story: An Energetic Escape from Half-Term Boredom

Bridie, an 11-year-old from Thurnscoe, has been a regular participant in Fusion Camps, showcasing a positive impact on her physical activity, social skills, and overall well-being.

Bridie has attended Fusion Camp at Thurnscoe multiple times, indicating a consistent interest in the offering. During the January 2024 camp, she participated for two days, engaging in various sporting activities such as football, basketball, team building, and, notably, learning skateboarding from Emily at Get On Board.

Bridie’s motivation to attend Fusion Camp stems from her boredom during school holidays. She expressed that Fusion Camp provides her with an excellent opportunity to stay active, a preference she might not fulfil outside of camp. Her love for being physically active is evident, and she recognises the camp as a chance to break away from routine and engage in enjoyable activities.

Outside of Fusion Camp, Bridie doesn’t engage in structured physical activities or sports clubs. She admits to rarely meeting the recommended 60 active minutes but enjoys playing and running with friends. Fusion Camp becomes crucial for her to maintain an active lifestyle, preventing her from spending excessive time on her mobile phone at home.

Fusion Camp has provided Bridie with the chance to learn skateboarding, an activity she enjoys but lacks access to at home. The introduction of new experiences, facilitated by skilled personnel like Emily, contributes to Bridie’s growth and engagement in physical activities beyond her usual routine.

Bridie values the social aspect of Fusion Camp, relishing the opportunity to play sports with other children. She describes the experience as “exciting and full of energy” emphasising the importance of social interaction and physical activity for her overall well-being.

When asked to describe Tom, an Inclusion Coach at Active Fusion, Bridie stated that he was “fun and kind” and always “took the time to explain sports/game rules” that the children were unsure of. Tom, in turn, notes Bridie’s growth in confidence and interpersonal skills with each camp, highlighting her active participation and willingness to assist younger children during activities.

Bridie expresses eagerness to return to Fusion Camp in the future, emphasising the importance of making friends while having fun. The Active Fusion team looks forward to welcoming her back, acknowledging her positive contributions to the Fusion Camp community.

Bridie’s case study illustrates the transformative impact of Fusion Camps on a young participant. Through engaging activities, skilled coaching, and a focus on social interaction, Bridie has not only found an avenue for physical activity but has also developed confidence and interpersonal skills. The success of Fusion Camps in providing a positive and enriching experience for children like Bridie encourages future participation and community growth.

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