All About Active Fusion Dance Leaders

Here at Active Fusion, as well as getting young people physically active, we like to provide leadership opportunities through sport.

One way we do this is through our Dance Leaders course, which run is by Dance Development Officer Sarah Belk.

The Dance Leaders course is designed to train young people to deliver dance activities to groups of other people of varying ages, depending on the qualification level.

A group of students from De Warenne Academy in Conisbrough have been working with Sarah as part of the Dance Leaders Level 1 course, which enables them to teach dance to primary school children.

And it’s not just about developing leadership qualities – it’s about helping young people to become more self-confident, better communicators and more resilient.

Elissia and Kasey, both 14, have been taking part in the course. They said: “It’s been really interesting and not something we’d normally have the opportunity to do.

Kasey and Elissia

“We’ve been practicing different types of dance and training in dance teaching and leadership. We’ve also become better in areas like teamwork, problem solving, confidence and communication and everyone on the course has got to know each other more and become friends.”

Kasey added that she wants to be a dance teacher when she leaves school.

“Dance has really helped me to express myself and I want to help people to do what I do,” she said. “It’s great to have opportunities like these as well as academic opportunities. Some kids might think that they might be judged for taking part because we’ve been training in the school holidays, but I’d say if you want to take part just do it.”

Level 1 Dance Leaders from De Warenne Academy

Both Kasey and Elissia added how much they’ve enjoyed working with Sarah.

They said: “She is very approachable and not scary to talk to. She is nice and supportive and good at explaining and always goes through tasks if you don’t understand the first time.”

Level 1 Dance Leaders training to teach Zumba

To find out more about dance leadership or how you or your school could get involved, please contact