A Cousins’ Story: Enabling Dreams Through Dance

Our community team originally pitched an idea for free dance sessions in deprived areas for children who are not able to access dance facilities and what a remarkable success it has been! The children in this story will be referred to as Child N and Child A due to requesting


Child N and Child A are two young cousins that became regular attendees at the Fusion Youth dance sessions held at the Galsworthy Close Community Hall during the Summer of 2023. Their journey began after their families learnt about the free dance sessions through social media and decided to explore the opportunity. Initially curious about what the sessions would entail, the pair swiftly grew in confidence and became influential members of the Fusion Youth dance classes.

Their leadership role involved guiding younger dancers by demonstrating movements at the front of the class, fostering a sense of camaraderie and friendship within the group. The duo’s progress in dancing has been significant. Their grasp of dance terminology and ability to learn new choreography quickly have markedly improved. This success is not unique to them; every child in the sessions has shown growth in technique and individual development, evident as they blossom with each session.

For these two children these sessions hold high importance. Being situated within their local community fosters a strong sense of unity and togetherness among the group. The children, all from the same area, gather after school to engage in an activity they truly enjoy. Their eagerness is evident as they rush down the footpath to the hall, often arriving straight from school in their uniforms. A parent commented, “They look forward to Thursday’s session every week, they really love coming to dance.”

When Child A was asked what they enjoy the most about dance, they explained “I enjoy making friends and dancing with my cousin. It is fun and motivates me!” The harsh reality is that 1 in 6 deaths are now linked to long-term inactivity of children and young people from a young age. Active Fusion aims to change this. As a charity we believe sport has a critical part to play in addressing the issues faced by those living in the poorest communities.

Fusion Youth is a programme designed to tackle the inactivity of young people at the heart of the community. Our community coaching team aims to provide Fusion Youth sessions to encourage long-term physical activity habits, especially among those residing in disadvantaged areas.

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