Demi’s Story: The Unified Leaders Impact

At Active Fusion, we host Unified Leaders, a sports leadership programme. Through the Unified Leaders programme, we aim to help develop the essential life skills, employability and physical well-being of young people with SEND through physical activity. 

Demi, a young person who attends Harrison College, feels she has grown thanks to the opportunity she was presented with when working alongside Tom Horton – Inclusion Officer and her classmates. Demi told us: “I feel more confident as a leader, and it has helped me grow as a person.” 

The Unified Leaders programme gives young people a chance to express themselves whilst learning and developing new skills. Through the Unified Leaders programme, learners achieve an ‘I Can Lead’ award. ‘I Can Lead’ uses sports and physical activity to help develop key leadership skills and increase academic performance. The award focuses on personal development and not just sporting ability. It helps learners become more community-minded through volunteering opportunities and serves as an award that will be recognised on students’ CVs. 

Demi gave praise to the 12-week programme as she explained: “The activities that were planned really got us involved, it was well thought out and gave me a chance to grow my skills – which I am fortunate for. I have loved been a part of the project!” 

Throughout the programme, Demi was guided through a set of sessions, leading to her increased confidence and leadership skills. Demi thought her leadership, communication and planning/delivery of tasks were at a higher standard than before. 

Tom – Inclusion Officer was highly impressed with Demi’s progression. “Over the 12 weeks, Demi grew in confidence hugely, so much so that she took a lead when coaching with her group”. 

Demi and her classmates would “definitely” recommend the Unified Leaders to any SEND school who are presented with the opportunity to do so. Active Fusion aspires to help more people like Demi, to transform something they love into a stable career path, providing them with a recognised qualification to progress with.  

We love to hear about the positive impact that Active Fusion continues to make. Thank you Demi for sharing your story!


To get involved or to find out more about the Unified Leaders programme contact Tom Horton on