Dylan’s Story: The Power of Coaching

Coppice School saw Active Fusion’s Coach Delia grow and build relationships with those she continues to impact.


Our Education Sports Coach Delia, started with us in October 2022 and has already helped nurture key relationships across our School Partnership portfolio. 

Delia now works in several schools across South Yorkshire, however, her first school delivery partnership focus was at Coppice School in Doncaster. Coppice School is a SEND school with mixed abilities and different needs. Delia teaches two classes, twice a week, delivered in a routinely style.  

Being new to the role, Delia adapted to the environment quickly and aimed to build strong relationships with children who disliked Physical Education (PE). One child who stood out was Dylan. Dylan was very reserved and anxious about PE lessons, especially with Delia as she was new. 

As Delia visited the school more frequently, Dylan realised she was a friendly and approachable member of the team. Whilst Dylan was known to be less communicative and shy, he found comfort in talking to Delia, an adult and role model now part of Dylan’s and his classmate’s routine.  

Delia continued to build knowledge on her class’s abilities and their needs, in order to progress in her sessions. Dylan’s way of enjoying PE with Coach Delia, is knowing that he would have scheduled time to draw afterwards. He loved inviting Delia to join him on some occasions. 

Building trust was essential for Delia, as she focused on the class’s progression, throughout her lessons. Dylan was happier each time Delia returned to the school, as he now enjoys Delia’s PE sessions. Dylan even greeted Delia with a picture he drew, which helped Delia reflect on what she had learnt and accomplished when building this relationship. 

“Being able to see a positive impact, not just in PE but also in the classroom, gave me confidence when teaching across all schools. Not only Coppice.” 

Dylan and Delia‘s relationship continues to grow each time she visits Coppice School. The power of coaching helped Dylan feel more confident when doing PE. So much so, Dylan’s friends accepted Coach Delia and are all very eager to participate in PE. 

A teaching assistant, from Coppice School celebrated Delia’s success with other members of staff, Dylan and the class, as it was rare for Dylan to speak or communicate.  

“The mixed group are now so much more engaged and love to participate in the new sports” 

The school were very happy to have seen a huge difference in such a short space of time, which is testimony to the hard work and commitment of Coach Delia to have an impact and make a difference at this school. 

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