Team Development Days

We offer highly participative and energising team-building events, creating value for businesses, employees and in turn for our charity. But what makes us unique? Here at Active Fusion, we don’t deliver team training in the traditional way of sitting behind a desk. We fuse active learning with the academic to help you achieve results and here is why!


This graphic shows the brain after 20 minutes. One sitting quietly and the latter following 20 minutes of physical activity in this case moderate walking. The active participant’s brain is switched on ready to learn. This not only contributes to engagement levels but also to improving the physical health and in turn mental well-being of your employees.

Our Offer

Your teams will experience everything through the practical. A combination of inclusive physical and creative challenges to achieve the personal and organisational outcomes you desire.

Our delivery approach is driven by our own charitable values, where we are:

  • Nurturing – Developing the skills and qualities which matter most to you.
  • Passionate – Caring about helping you to be your best self.
  • And Joyful – Creative a positive feeling inside.

We work with you to design a suitable session that will benefit your team and organisation. To do so, we simply start with your why? Establish what you want to do. Then we focus on how we will do it.

Here are some of the reasons organisations have asked us to help work with their teams:

  • To reward staff, celebrate and have fun together.
  • To motivate their teams to work together towards a collective mission.
  • To invest in their team’s physical health and mental well-being.
  • To help understand their personal and organisational values, mission and vision.
  • To establish your why, passion, purpose and to understand your own brand.

Key skills and qualities we have enhanced through our development days include:

  • Personal you – Resilience, mindset, motivation, determination and self-belief.
  • Social you – Communication, gratitude, respect, trust, empathy and fairness.
  • Healthy you – Positive relationships, motor skills, mental wellness,
  • Rational you – Decision making, analysing, strategising and organising.
  • Creative you – Curiosity, imagination, open-mindedness and problem-solving.

Leeds University Training Day

“Organisations that are wanting to empower and develop their staff should look at Active Fusion from both a business and social responsibility perspective. Working with a charity that works with young people and gives opportunities to those less fortunate feels like a marriage made in heaven.”

Andy Lockwood
Assistant Head of Sport and Physical Activity


Investing in our charity to deliver your team development days, it will also give you a sense of purpose. All money raised or donated through commissioning our support will go directly back into improving the mental health, physical well-being and life chances of children and young people.


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