Sheldon’s Story: Transforming Confidence Through Fusion Youth

Sheldon, a 12-year-old boy, attends Fusion Youth sessions at De Warenne Academy and Tom Hill Youth Hub in South Yorkshire. Fusion Youth, a programme by Active Fusion, aims to tackle the inactivity of children and young people in the community by providing fun, informal sports-based sessions. These sessions are designed to engage children and young people in physical activity, encouraging them to develop long-term healthy habits.


Fusion Youth Programme

Fusion Youth employs Community Activator Coaches who deliver sports activities at convenient times and locations, targeting the right young people with the right approach. The programme offers a variety of sports, improving motivation and engagement in physical activity. Sheldon attends two 2-hour sessions at De Warenne Academy, focusing primarily on football, and a 90-minute session at Tom Hill Youth Hub, which includes dodgeball, basketball, and invasion games.

Initial Experience

When Sheldon first joined Fusion Youth, he lacked self-belief and confidence, especially in playing football. He was often emotional and upset when he wasn’t involved in games. However, he was eager to improve his skills and enjoy the social aspects of the sessions.


Improvement and Development

At De Warenne Academy, Sheldon focused on improving his football skills. Over time, he became more confident in his defending abilities and comfortable tackling other pupils, even those who were bigger than him. The consistent participation helped him grow not only in skill but also in self-assurance. The Tom Hill sessions offered a more relaxed environment with a broader range of activities. Sheldon thrived in this setting, enjoying the diversity of sports and the mixed age range, which made the sessions less competitive and more enjoyable for him. He appreciated the opportunity to interact with different pupils, laugh with his friends, and feel part of a community.


Positive Outcomes

  • Increased Confidence: Sheldon’s confidence has grown significantly. He no longer gets upset if he isn’t always involved in the game. Instead, he stays calm and tries his best to participate actively.
  • Emotional Control: Sheldon has learned to control his emotions better, a crucial skill that helps him in various aspects of life outside of sport.
  • Improved Social Skills: The social interactions during the sessions have helped Sheldon develop better communication skills. He feels comfortable talking to the coaches if he has any concerns, highlighting his trust in their leadership and guidance.
  • Enhanced Physical Activity: By attending Fusion Youth sessions regularly, Sheldon achieves the 60 active minutes recommended daily for children and young people. This balance between physical activity and his leisure activities, like playing Xbox or watching television, contributes to a healthier lifestyle.


Coaches’ Influence

Sheldon has high regard for the Active Fusion coaches, describing them as funny, good leaders, and excellent role models. The coaches’ ability to interact well with the children and young people has been a significant factor in Sheldon’s positive experience. Their approachability and support have played a crucial role in his development.


Future Prospects

When asked if he would continue attending Fusion Youth sessions, Sheldon enthusiastically said yes. The sessions offer him a chance to see his friends, engage in fun activities, and stay healthy. His improved football skills and growing confidence are testaments to the programme’s impact, and he looks forward to continuing his journey with Fusion Youth. Sheldon’s story illustrates the profound impact that Fusion Youth has on young people’s lives. By providing a supportive and engaging environment, Active Fusion has helped Sheldon transform from a hesitant and emotional player to a confident and socially adept individual. His journey is a testament to the programme’s success in fostering long-term physical activity habits and improving the overall well-being of children and young people in the community.

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