Sam’s Story: Finding Confidence Through Volunteering

Sam embarked on his educational path at Doncaster College by enrolling in the Level 2 Sports program. Unbeknownst to him, an incredible opportunity was on the horizon, facilitated by Kingsley, the Community & Leadership Manager at Active Fusion. Kingsley paid a visit to Sam and his peers, where he spoke about the exciting chance to engage in volunteer work with Active Fusion for the
duration of the year.

At first, Sam was unsure about volunteering. Confidence didn’t come naturally, but something changed that in March. Sam took a leap of faith and signed up to volunteer at a local School Games event, a thrilling football tournament held at GOALS Doncaster. His reason for choosing Active Fusion as his volunteering avenue was simple yet profound: “It seemed like fun to get involved with, and everyone was kind. I got to try new experiences in new environments.”

During his time at GOALS, Sam took on the role of refereeing and officiating matches throughout the day. This experience was transformative for him, as he developed a range of valuable skills, including refining his communication abilities. From coordinating with peers to sharing scores and instructing youngsters, Sam’s newfound confidence blossomed. Sam added: “I have improved my
communication, from talking to peers and giving them instructions.”

Gaining courage from his journey, Sam went on to support and plan a community event along other Community Leaders. Sam, along with a small group of students, organised a community ‘fun run’ in June 2023, demonstrating leadership and a commitment to giving back to his community.

In recent months, Sam’s growth has extended beyond volunteering. He has taken on a part-time job at McDonald’s to support himself as he continues his education at Doncaster College, now moving onto Level 3 Sport studies. Sam’s story demonstrates the power of stepping out of your comfort zone, gaining confidence through volunteering, and embracing opportunities for personal and professional development. We are immensely proud of Sam’s journey and look forward to seeing his continued success with Doncaster College!

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