Positive Experiences Through Competitions 

School Games aims to create positive experiences by ensuring physical activity and competition provision is designed to reflect the motivation, competence and confidence of young people and has clear intent. Our mission in Doncaster is to ensure all children and young people who attend our events have a meaningful and positive experience. To help structure our events offer we have developed three different competition style to ensure our events suitable for the right audiences. 

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Inspire and Engage

Aimed at children and young people who would like to try a new sport or skill. These events are often ran as a try it event (festival style) or virtually. The emphasis of these events is for children and young people to try their best and become inspired to continue with being active.

Develop and Play

These events are designed to give children and young people the opportunity to develop their skills in a certain sport or activity. Often these competitions are adapted formats and are designed for years groups 3 and 4. These competitions are designed to help pupils learn/develop new skills with an emphasis on personal development  


This level of competition is suitable for pupils with confidence and a higher skill set to compete against others in a competitive environment. The emphasis of these competitions is to win the local final event or to progress to a South Yorkshire County Final. 

How can you get involved? 

Each academic year we produce a Doncaster School Games Calendar which schools can access to view the competitions your School Games Organisers have organised. The calendar also has links to information around the formats, rules and qualification level of the events. To request access to the calendar or to request a booking form please contact doncasterschoolgames@gmail.com

Bespoke Competition

We can help organise or support the following: 

  • School Games Days 
  • Sports Days
  • PRU and alternative education support
  • Meaningful competition (specific SEND, BAME, Girls, Transision or Skill developments) 
  • If there is a particular sport or activity which your school would like to engage with which is not on our competition calendar your School Games Organisers can also help set up intra (in school), cluster, area or academy events.