Mia’s Story: A Vibrant Fusion of Learning & Growth

Mia, a vibrant and energetic 9-year-old, initially encountered Active Fusion through the Fusion Camps held at Carcroft Primary School.

Her journey with the charity began when she found joy and excitement in the activities offered at the camp. Her enthusiastic participation and the strong bond she developed with the team spurred her curiosity to explore more of what Active Fusion had to offer.

Driven by her passion for sports and a desire to spend more time engaging in physical activities, Mia transitioned to attending Fusion Youth sessions hosted at Bullcroft Memorial Hall in Carcroft. Mia spends a lot of her time watching Friends on the television and doesn’t get much physical exercise when at home except from participating in some gymnastic after school sessions. Fusion Youth became an avenue for Mia to expand her horizons and embrace a variety of sports, particularly enjoying speed stacking and dodgeball.

At Fusion Youth, Mia discovered new activities and relished the opportunity to socialise with other young participants. Speed stacking, in particular, was an entirely new experience for her. Reflecting on her time at Fusion Youth, Mia expressed, “I love coming here because it’s so much fun and I can have fun with the other kids and my favourite coach, Aleksy.”

The sessions provided Mia with a platform to delve into various activities and enhance her social skills. Currently, she is focusing on refining her catching abilities and honing her throwing accuracy using beanbags. Mia actively engages in the sessions, displaying leadership qualities by organising the teams and suggesting new activities.

Coach Aleksy added, “It’s great to see Mia’s enthusiasm. Her transition from enjoying our Fusion Camps to actively participating in Fusion Youth showcases her social nature and her genuine joy in interacting with both the charity and the other children.”

Mia’s involvement with Active Fusion demonstrates the charity’s ability to engage and inspire children, encouraging them to explore a range of physical activities, nurture social connections, and develop leadership skills. Her story is proof of the impact of creating an inclusive and fun environment that motivates young individuals to embrace an active and sociable lifestyle.

Mia’s journey with Active Fusion is not only about sports and activities but also about fostering friendships, building confidence, and instilling a love for a healthy and active lifestyle.

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