Lily’s Story: Fusion Camps Serves as Safe Space

In February, during the school half-term break, Active Fusion coaches embarked on an exciting journey at De Warenne Academy, hosting their second camp tailored for ages 11-16. This is where Lily, an 11-year-old seeking a break from her half-term boredom, crossed paths with Active Fusion.

Lily’s curiosity led her to the camp, intrigued by the promise of something novel in her area. Despite previous limitations in funding, Active Fusion had expanded its offerings, providing Lily with an opportunity she eagerly seized. Her decision to attend was fuelled by a desire for change and the prospect of spending time with new friends in a new environment.

Active Fusion’s ethos revolves around promoting an active lifestyle among children and youth during holidays. Lily, typically occupied with extracurricular activities like scouts and trampolining, found herself immersed in a new world of sports. Instead of staying indoors and caring for her rabbits, Lily ventured out, forging new friendships, gaining insights, and igniting a passion for sports.

During her time at camp, Lily encountered unfamiliar games like ‘Aussie King Ball,’ an experience that not only sharpened her defensive skills but also fostered teamwork and communication. Engaging in 5-aside football, alongside diverse peers and supportive coaches, bolstered Lily’s confidence and piqued her interest in exploring local sports clubs.

Active Fusion coaches, Adam and Freya, played pivotal roles in Lily’s journey, creating an inclusive and enjoyable environment where she felt valued and empowered. Lily’s transformation from a timid participant to an outgoing individual, forming bonds with both familiar faces and newcomers, showcased the impact of supportive mentorship and a welcoming atmosphere.

As Lily bid farewell to camp, she radiated confidence, embodying a vibrant demeanour that had blossomed over two days of immersive activities. Expressing her eagerness to return, Lily attributed her positive experience to the welcoming atmosphere and high-quality coaching provided by Active Fusion.

Lily’s story epitomises the impact of Active Fusion’s community programs, from alleviating holiday boredom to instilling confidence and fostering social connections. As she ventures back into school, equipped with newfound enthusiasm, Lily’s journey serves as a testament to Active Fusion’s mission of positively impacting young lives through sports and inclusive community engagement.

The opportunity for Lily and many other children and young people becomes possible through Open School Facilities Funding and a partnership between the Yorkshire Sport Foundation, and De Warenne Academy with Active Fusion.

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