Level 4 Sports Coach

The Level 4 Sports Coach apprenticeship is for high performing, community sport and school sports coaches, providing meaningful and high-quality learning, development and performance experiences.

The key role of a sports coach is to initiate behaviour change in local residents with regards engagement in sport and physical activity across local communities. By working within and across schools and local organisations individuals will scope, organise and coordinate the delivery of opportunities for local communities to get more physically active.

Pioneer change today

Training opportunities throughout the school term are offered for teachers and school staff to improve their confidence in the delivery of Physical Education.

During this apprenticeship programme, your staff will develop extensive technical and tactical sports knowledge and skills to design and deliver coaching programmes that engage, motivate and evolve participants’ skills and performance.

Duration of course: 18 months

Roles and responsibilities:

Learn how to initiate meaningful behaviour change within your school.

Learn how to plan physical activity programs and sessions.

Increase capacity within your school to deliver more physical activity.

Support with PE lessons, assessment and School Games Mark applications.

Contribute to effective decision making and implementation of sport and physical activity.

Implement tactics and strategies to empower your staff, children and parents to adopt an active lifestyle. Give your school the opportunity to offer wrap around care.


Choose from your team: graduates or training assistants who fit the criteria.

Develop your staff member: Enquire to Active Fusion.

Mentor: Assign a member of staff in your school to contribute towards their development.

Training: They will undertake a large proportion of the work remotely and through distance learning.

Nurture: See them up skill your existing staff, raise morale and improve productivity.

Do you already have staff members who would benefit from this professional qualification?

Ideal for Teaching Assistants and other school-based support staff already working in a Physical Education and school sport setting.

Enable them to further their professional development and gain an additional
professional qualification within the delivery of PE and school sport.

Specifically designed to provide a greater understanding of programmes of study for PE, the national curriculum and the environment in which they currently operate.

To enquire about the Level 2 and Level 3 apprenticeships please contact either AdamM@activefusion.org.uk / apprenticeships@activefusion.org.uk