Join Tickhill St Mary’s CofE School for a Fun-Filled Colour Run to Support the “When You Tri” Campaign

Tickhill St Mary’s CofE School is excited to announce a vibrant and energetic fundraising event to support the When You Tri campaign aimed at supporting children and young people.


Event Details 

The colour run will take place after school on two separate dates: Monday 24th June for KS1 pupils and Wednesday 26th June for KS2 pupils. Both events will take place after school and promise to be a blast of colour, fun, and community spirit! 

This fantastic event is not just limited to students. Parents and staff are warmly invited to participate, making it a true community celebration. For just £5 per participant, everyone can join in the fun and contribute to a great cause. Also, children can raise even more funds by using the sponsorship form provided by Active Fusion. \


Where will raised funds go? 

The colour run is part of a broader initiative to support the When You Tri campaign, which aims to raise £100,000 to help young people become healthy, happy, and active. Far too many children, especially those living in poverty, do not have access to the essential hours of physical activity needed for a healthy childhood. This lack of activity can lead to both physical and mental health challenges. You can find out more about the When You Tri campaign here or about the wider impact of Active Fusion here. 


How can you make a difference? 

  • Participate: Join the colour run and experience the joy and excitement of running through a cascade of colours. 
  • Sponsor: Encourage your children to use the sponsorship form to gather additional donations from family and friends. Download the form here. 
  • Donate: Even if you can’t participate, your donation can make a significant impact on a child’s life. 


By participating in and supporting the colour run, you are contributing to a brighter, healthier future for children in our community. Let’s come together to ensure all children have the chance to thrive through physical activity. 

Mark your calendars, gather your friends and family, and get ready to run for a cause that truly makes a difference. Together, we can help every child be active, healthy, and happy. 

For more information and to get involved, please contact Tickhill St Mary’s School directly at 01302 742569 / 

If you know a school or organisation that would be interested in hosting similar events, please contact