Isla’s Story: Shy Beginnings to Confident Leadership

Isla, a vibrant 9-year-old, attended Thurnscoe Fusion Camp during the May half-term. Despite her previous experiences at other camps, this was her first time at an Active Fusion Camp.


Isla chose to attend Active Fusion’s camp driven by her desire to meet new people, make friends, try new activities, and step out of her comfort zone. Although she had not been to this camp before, she was eager to embrace the unique environment and opportunities it offered. Active Fusion’s holiday camps are designed to keep children active, engaged, and happy during half-term breaks. The camps offer a range of activities including dodgeball, football, archery, team building and arts & crafts. This particular camp was supported by coaches Tom, Patrick and Danielle with the aim of providing a fun, active experience in the heart of the community.

Staying Active

Outside of camp, Isla is highly active. She jogs twice a week and is passionate about football, participating in training sessions and weekend matches. Her energetic and enthusiastic nature keeps her engaged in various activities, highlighting her commitment to maintaining an active lifestyle.

The Fusion Camp Experience

Isla’s favourite part of Fusion Camp was the opportunity to make new friends and engage in a wide variety of activities. She particularly enjoyed participating in a unique and exciting game called ‘Goalball.’ This sport, which involves players wearing blindfolds and using their sense of hearing to locate a ball embedded with bells, offered Isla a thrilling challenge and a chance to develop new skills. Beyond the fun of goalball, the camp provided Isla with a well-rounded platform to stay both physically and mentally active. The diverse range of activities, from team sports and outdoor adventures to creative arts and problem-solving games, ensured that there was always something new and exciting to try. This variety helped Isla build her physical fitness, enhance her social skills, and stimulate her creativity and critical thinking.

Developing Resilience

One of the most significant benefits Isla gained from the camp was a substantial increase in her resilience. Historically, Isla found it particularly challenging to persevere through difficult tasks, often feeling overwhelmed and discouraged when faced with obstacles. Her experiences at Fusion Camp, however, marked a turning point. The camp’s structured yet supportive environment provided Isla with numerous opportunities to tackle various challenges, both physical and mental. Through a series of progressively difficult activities, such as team-building exercises, outdoor adventures, and problem-solving tasks, Isla learned to push beyond her comfort zone.

The guidance and encouragement from camp coaches played a crucial role in this transformation, as they consistently reinforced a growth mindset and celebrated small victories. Isla’s participation in these activities not only boosted her confidence but also helped her develop a more tenacious attitude. By the end of Fusion Camp, Isla demonstrated a noticeable shift in her approach to difficult tasks. She began to view challenges as opportunities for growth rather than barriers. This newfound determination and resilience have had a lasting impact on her, enabling her to face future challenges with greater resolve and a more positive outlook.

A Shining Example

Isla’s participation in Fusion Camp was a pivotal experience that highlighted her helpful nature, positive attitude, and remarkable ability to overcome initial shyness. At the beginning of the camp, Isla was reserved and hesitant to engage with her peers. However, she quickly demonstrated her willingness to help others, whether it was assisting fellow campers with tasks or offering words of encouragement during challenging activities. Isla’s positive attitude became a cornerstone of her presence at the camp. She approached each day with enthusiasm and a smile, which not only brightened the atmosphere but also motivated others to adopt a similar outlook.

Her consistent optimism was contagious, fostering a supportive and uplifting environment for everyone involved. As the days progressed, Isla’s initial shyness began to fade. She gradually stepped out of her comfort zone, actively participating in group discussions, and taking the initiative in team projects. Her ability to connect with others grew stronger, and she became a trusted confidant among her peers. By the end of the camp, Isla had emerged as a social leader, inspiring others with her unwavering positivity and inclusive spirit.

Reflecting on her time at Fusion Camp, Isla described the week as “awesome, so much fun and smiles everywhere!” Her glowing review encapsulates the wonderful experience she had and the profound impact the camp had on her.


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