H’s Story: Healthy Habits and Happy Hearts

Self-development started right at the doorstep of Fusion Camp for this 5-year-old.

Due to the nature of this case study, the child in question will remain anonymous. We will refer to them as ‘H’.

H came to camp after a recent diagnosis of Autism and ADHD, which means they find learning harder than their peers. Particularly, H struggles with the rules with sports and becomes highly frustrated when they aren’t involved enough, in both team sports and single-player activities. 

Active Fusion hosts Fusion Camps throughout South Yorkshire to help every child to develop a love for being active by creating positive habits that last a lifetime. Children just like H. 

H has attended half-term sports camps before with other organisers, in which their father informed us that they did not enjoy due to having high emotions and lack of exposure to teamwork/fair play.  

Since coming to Fusion Camp, H has made a big step in learning how to deal with defeat and what to do when they’re not involved within a game or sport. H doesn’t participate in much sport outside of school. H’s dad added, “Active Fusion’s camp is the first sport-based camp they’ve enjoyed.” 

Within the time Active Fusion spent on Fusion Camps this Summer, the team began by delivering activities that were mostly non-competitive, and then later transition into competition sport to ease the children and young people in. The coaching staff also delivered activities focused on personal development, meaning that H could play against their self or try to beat their own score. 

The coaching style that is used on camp was vital for H’s learning. Sessions were adapted in order for H to become a better sportsperson, both mentally and physically. The activities were set to build a positive attitude towards sport outside of school, for not only H, but all the camp attendees.  

In the sessions children were engaged, and the power of physical activity impacted every child involved. Camp activities benefited each participant, including H, as they worked at their own pace. Coaches could progress the children onto more challenging activities if appropriate or make things them less complex for others if necessary.  

H’s attendance at Fusion Camp this Summer was motivated by their parents who wanted to try and encourage H into healthier lifestyle habits, as they usually spends a lot of time on their iPad, when not at school. Not only did Fusion Camp help promote healthy habits within H’s lifestyle, but they also helped H stay in a routine throughout the school break. 

Fusion Camp are designed to keep children and young people fit, fed and healthy. It is a great way to keep your child entertained, active and introduced to new and exciting activities/sports. Bucket-loads of sporting fun, every school holiday… 

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