Esme’s Story: A Fusion Camp First Timer

Dive into the dynamic world of Esme, the 10-year-old powerhouse, as she experiences her first Fusion Camp. 

Esme, a vibrant and energetic 10-year-old, attended the Fusion Camp at Carcroft Primary School in January 2024. The Active Fusion’s holiday camps are designed to provide a fun, fit, and healthy experience for children during school holidays. Esme attended the full week at camp, automatically entering a prize draw to win a Nintendo Switch.

Esme, a dedicated dancer attending sessions five times a week, spends a total of seven hours each week honing her skills. However, she eagerly looked forward to Fusion Camp as an opportunity to diversify her activities and stay engaged during the holidays. She expressed a preference for being outdoors and participating in various activities, making new friends in the process.

Throughout the camp, Esme took a leadership role, especially towards younger children in the group. She demonstrated a nurturing attitude and actively engaged in creating dances with newfound friends. Esme’s involvement in camp activities went beyond the physical; she exhibited a positive change in her personality and developed alongside her peers.

Esme, previously unfamiliar with cricket, learned to play the sport correctly during Fusion Camp. She credited the coaches, particularly Luke, for teaching her new skills and making the experience enjoyable. Luke mentioned that Esme’s adaptability to the camp setting and her confidence stood out during her time at Fusion Camp

Esme shared her feelings about Fusion Camp, expressing happiness at being able to engage in new activities and revelling in the freedom of outdoor play. This experience was a departure from her typical half-term routine, providing a refreshing change and fostering a sense of happiness and fulfilment.

Esme expressed her deep appreciation for the coaches at Carcroft, highlighting Luke’s role in making her experience memorable. She stated that there was nothing the coaches could do better. Luke Millar and the coaching team emphasised the thorough planning of camp activities, focusing on each child’s growth in self-belief and skill development.

Active Fusion collaborated with Yorkshire Bike Shack, Inner Sunshine, DB Entertainment, and Bentley ARLFC to provide a diverse range of activities catering to all needs and abilities. These partnerships aimed to enhance the overall camp experience for every child.

Esme’s first-time experience at Fusion Camp brought about a positive transformation in her personality, social skills, and confidence. The well-planned activities, supportive coaching, and diverse partnerships contributed to Esme’s joyful and enriching holiday experience. Her enthusiasm for the camp activities, combined with her newfound leadership skills, sets a promising precedent for future participation. Esme expressed her eagerness to return to Fusion Camp in the future, showcasing the program’s lasting impact on her overall well-being.

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